Welcome to Mercia Asperger Support Team

Located in Solihull in the Heart of England, The Mercia Asperger Support Team does exactly what it says in the title, it provides support to couples where Asperger Syndrome is a presenting issue in their relationship and also supports couples where a child in the family has an Asperger diagnosis.

Mercia, being the old English name for the Midland region of England has at it’s hub a connection of motorways that enables clients to easily access us for counselling purposes, and for us to easily reach organisations who require the training support that we also offer.

The Mercia Asperger Support Team not only provides couple counselling in a clinical setting, but also family counselling. Telephone counselling is available to those people who simply live too far away from the Midlands to access our facilities or who cannot locate an Asperger counsellor where they live. Details of the Asperger counselling we provide as well as the training support we deliver are outlined on this website. Testimonials from previous clients, our contact details and a map with directions and postcode are included.

In addition, we are pleased to be involved with Autism West Midlands in their Criminal Justice Forum which seeks to ensure that people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders are appropriately accommodated within the criminal justice system.


Elderly Couple